Luxury African Safari Tours: Enjoying Africa Like Royalty

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Are you a newly-wed couple on honeymoon, or celebrating your 20th anniversary? Maybe you are neither, and you just want to reward yourself with vacation after months of working hard. In that case, taking luxury African safari tours would be perfect.

At first glance, luxury is not a word you associate with Africa and a safari. However, safari tourism has improved exponentially over the past 20 years and much has improved. A wealth of new safari-types has emerged, each perfect for a different group of people.

As a luxury traveler, you might be skeptical about Africa as you don’t want to stay in camps or not have toilet paper. Rest assured this is not so and you will be happy to know that Safari is not a battle between man and nature.

With the establishment of luxury African safari tours, you can experience the raw and wild nature with all the comforts of home.

If you are reading this you are possibly one of those people wanting to spoil themselves in the African bush. We urge you to keep reading!

Advantages Of Luxury African Safari Tours

Luxury African safari holidays are more expensive than you would think, so you might wonder what the point is. After all, you are going to see the same animals as those who are staying in tents and driving around in their own vehicles.

Here are some advantages of luxury African safari tour packages.

Seeing Animals Without Even Moving A Muscle

luxury african safari tours seeing animals

Imagine waking up in your queen-sized bed and walking towards the front porch that overlooks the Okavango Delta, or one of the rivers in the Kruger National Park.

You rub your eyes hard and pinch yourself to make sure you are not dreaming because a herd of elephants is drinking water just a few meters away from you. This is something you can only experience with luxury Africa safari tours.

Access To Wellness Facilities

spa treatment

The best luxury African safari tours come not only with an ultra-comfortable room but also a host of other luxury amenities.

These can range from a spa treatment to fitness centers, or even tennis courts. We admit that safari can be a physically-draining activity, but you can make use of these facilities to keep healthy and gather your strength.

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Unique Tour Options


A lot of game reserves offer guided game drives, and we love how they bring us closer to wildlife, but sometimes we want a more unique and exclusive experience.

That’s where the luxury safari excels.

On a regular game viewing, the vehicles are not allowed to drive off-road. On the other hand, the tour operators of many luxury African safari tour companies can offer this thanks to their private concession areas.

This feature helps you get even closer to shy and elusive animals avoiding the main roads.

Imagine flying or ziplining over a safari park.

Luxury African safaris can organize helicopter tours or zip-lining activities that allow you to get a broader perspective of the national park.

Top-quality Fine Dining

fine dining

When you are at a luxury safari, you will also have access to high-end restaurants at the facilities. These restaurants offer everything from a continental breakfast to top-class world cuisine.

The restaurants will most likely look over a waterhole, meaning you can continue your safari even when you are on a break. Last but not least, luxury safaris provide activities such as dinners and breakfast in the bush.

Quality Of The Service

You might think this is trivial, but the friendly and attentive staff makes a difference. The staff at luxury safaris are almost always available for your personal needs and wants.

Best Luxury African Safari Tours – Companies and Destinations

Based on luxury African safari tour reviews from experts and customers, we have collected a list of destinations for a luxury safari.

Sabi Sands

luxury african safari tours sabi sands

As South Africa’s oldest private game reserve, Sabi Sands has defined the standards of a top-quality luxury safari in Africa.

Thanks to the two rivers running across – Sabie and Sand, there is always a constant flux of wildlife from other parts of Kruger National Park to Sabi Sands.

That’s why it is one of the top-rated luxury African safari destinations, and one of the best on which to view the elusive leopard.


Sabi Sands has a range of accommodation options, from standard double rooms to impressive villas that can accommodate up to 40 people.

Okavango Delta

luxury african safari tours okavango delta

It’s hard to find a place more phenomenal than the Okavango, the largest inland delta in the world. The delta has a microclimate that attracts an abundant variety of animals. Herbivores and predators of all sizes roam the nearby water sources day and night. Even the most-rarely of seen animals such as leopards and African wild dogs are a regular sight on the  Okavango. 

The game reserves on the Okavango such as Moremi Game Reserve crown the spectacular wildlife with a host of exclusive activities.

The most popular of which include sunset cruises on traditional mokoro boats, and hot-air balloon safaris. These activities are organized by luxury lodges, such as Khwai and Sawute.

Etosha Pan

luxury african safari tours etosha

Namibia’s Etosha Pan might look like it is desolated, but you will be amazed by the wildlife population when you look closely.

Because of limited water sources, you are guaranteed to view vast numbers of elephants, rhino, lions, cheetah, and antelope in concentrated areas.

Although it is possible to find budget accommodation in Etosha, some of the best luxury lodges of Southern Africa are found here.

Ongava and Onguma are known for their plush lodging and glamping options set against breathtaking views.

Masai Mara Game Reserve

luxury african safari tours masai mara reserve

Being Kenya’s top safari destination can sometimes put a lot of pressure on Masai Mara’s shoulders, and it can become extremely crowded.

If you want to escape the crowds, all you need is one of the Kenyan luxury safari tours operating here. The tours come with many advantages, such as staying at private concessions.

This means, your vehicle can go off-road, and you can even step out of it to track elusive animals on foot.

The best part of the luxury tours in Masai Mara is that your tour guides will be one of the locals from the nearby Masai villages, meaning your experience will combine safari and culture.

More importantly, you can hire a local Masai guide privately for yourself and your group. Last but not least, you will have the chance to stay in one of the spacious private villas and have your meals served at your private deck overlooking the wilderness

Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater

Luxury african safari tours serengeti

The luxury safaris in Tanzania are always one step ahead because of Tanzania’s coastline. Luxury safari tours are available in almost every park in Tanzania, from the Serengeti to the Tarangire National Park.

These safari tours include not only the viewing of mammals and birds but also the incredible marine life hidden in the coral reefs of the Indian Ocean. This is why a Tanzanian safari experience should always combine the bush with the ocean to give rise to an unforgettable luxury safari and beach holiday.

Other Luxury African Safari Tours – Destinations

Besides the African safari destinations above, there are new and emerging safari parks that have been winning awards for their service and conservation efforts.


A private game reserve that has an unfenced border with Kruger National Park. Its highlight is the rare white lion 


An award-winning game reserve bringing the atmosphere of the Okavango to the malaria-free Northwest province, where two habitats merge – Kalahari and bushveld.


Located in the malaria-free Eastern Cape, Shamwari is the ideal way to end your Garden Route trip. Besides, it stands out among the other game reserves with its child-friendly activities.


Phinda is a private game reserve in Kwa-Zulu Natal, comprising seven distinct habitats from wetlands to fever forests.

Costs of the Best Luxury African Safari Tours

The cost of luxury African safari tours vary depending on the country and the type of accommodation and activities selected. Currently, South Africa and Botswana have  the most expensive safari tours.

In Botswana, a private safari can cost up to $2000 US per person per night, while the numbers are around $1500 US in South Africa.

Uganda and Kenya currently have the cheapest of the luxurious safaris in the world, with options starting from $900 US.

FAQs for Luxury African Safari Tours

Why is African Safari Expensive?

The prices of safari tours are fair when taken into consideration. There is a lot of material that needs to be brought in for the construction of the facilities. The limited network of roads makes transfer challenging and strenuous. The building of fences, the maintenance of safari vehicles, catering, and the well-being of the animals all add up.

How much does a luxury safari in Serengeti cost?

The average cost of a luxury safari in Serengeti will cost around  $7,500 US per person for a week, excluding the travel expenses.

How much should I save up for a luxury African safari tour?

Expect to spend at least $800-1000 US per person per night.

Conclusion: Luxury African Safari Tours

A luxury safari may not be so easy to afford, and you would have to consider not only the safari costs but the additional costs of travel as well.

However, once you step off the plane, you breathe a sigh of relief when you realize that you have made the best possible investment. We hope that your luxurious African safari will create unforgettable memories.

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