If you love animals, then nothing is more fun than an African Safari. There are literally hundreds of incredible private game reserves scattered all throughout Africa. Also, many countries in Southern and East Africa have amazing national parks. The majority of these African national parks offer five-star luxury accommodation, especially in places like Cape Town, South Africa.

There are also many safari camps and safari lodges which you will love visiting, such as those in the Masai Mara national park. Masai Mara national park leads to the Serengeti National Park. It will also allow you to go to Tanzania Safaris if you are interested.

Other recommended places are Victoria Falls, the Ngorongoro Crater, and the Okavango delta. All of them provide wildlife and game viewing, which is a beautiful experience for any safari tour. You will have the opportunity to witness the Great Migrations as the Wildebeest migrate through the park.

If you want to go on an African safari, make sure you do it with reputable local tour operators. They will also be able to share exclusive deals and valuable information you most likely would not be aware of. And if this post has piqued your interest be sure to check out the rest of our African safari guides, which you can find here.

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