Tanzania Travel is indeed one of the best destinations for safari lovers. You will be able to enjoy white sandy beaches, the big 5 wildlife, friendly people and fascinating cultures all over Tanzania, a country located in Eastern Africa.

While in this Swahili paradise, make sure you visit the historic Serengeti national park located in northern Tanzania. While in the plains of Serengeti, nature’s beauty, mystery, and power surrounds you, and it is hard to find such an experience in any other part of the world. The annual Great Migration of more than 1.5 million wildebeests occurs here as the animals try to search for fresh grassland to survive in the wilderness. You can also get to see some black rhinos at the Moru Kopjes, giving you a chance to have a glimpse of all the big five in Tanzania.

While in the country, you should visit the Zanzibar’s stone town and enjoy the magnificent historical sites such as the spires of St Joseph’s Cathedral and the massive old fort. In this town, you will also be able to interact and learn the rich culture of the friendly Tanzanian people. Other things to do or places to visit while on your trip to Tanzania include Ngorongoro Crater, Mahale Mountains, Mt Kilimanjaro, Selous Game Reserves. Zanzibar Island is in a class on its own where you will need days to explore the island. It is also known for one of the best diving locations in Africa. So, if you love adventure and outdoor activities, it is a must on your travel checklist.

The exciting part of visiting Tanzania is the exchange rate. If you are visiting from North Africa, the U.K., or Europe, then your travel funds will go a long way. For example, one United States dollar equals to 2303.20 Tanzanian shillings, so you really do not have to splurge to have an unforgettable Tanzania Travel experience.

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