A Beach Vacation Essential Items: Beach Vacation’s Packing List

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Summer is around the corner. It is that time of the year where the three s’s will replace your mundane affairs – sun, sand, and sea. For many vacation goers, beaches are the most appealing because of the range of activities, from swimming in azure waters to surfing on rough waves. Getting ready for the ultimate beach vacation experience shouldn’t be a hassle, and our beach packing list will help you along the way.

Don’t switch on the nonchalance just yet. Your luggage is not ready. You might think you know what to bring to the beach but often end up forgetting an essential item.

To accelerate your beach packing list, a list can be used to tick off all the fundamentals. Here is a comprehensive list of things to bring to the beach vacation you always dreamed of.

The Must-have Items to Take on a Beach Vacation | Essentials Beach Packing List 


A swimsuit is the number one item associated with a beach packing list. After all, you can’t really go swimming without it unless you are skinny-dipping at a remote location or a nudist beach. 

For women, there are several options, either in one piece or in the form of a bikini with a top and a bottom. Men can choose between swim shorts or slips. Whatever you want, the rule of thumb is to have a durable swimsuit that won’t get worn out when exposed to saline water.

beach packing list - swimsuit women
beach packing list -  swimsuit men


Tanned skin can look quite attractive on many people, but overdoing it can cause skin damage to the extent of even cancer. If you spend time outside between 10-17, when the UV radiation is the most destructive, you need a proper sunscreen. Usually, 30 SPF is sufficient, but 50 SPF is much better for sensitive skin types prone to skin cancer.

Portable Cooler

Imagine traveling to a tropical beach, and the air conditioner in your room is broken or only not enough. This happens more often than you think, so you should have a backup plan, which is a portable cooler.

It helps regulate the temperature and the moisture in your room by flowing the warm air through its integrated heat exchanger. They consume far less power than air conditioners and thus more feasible in terms of sustainable traveling.

beach packing list - portable cooler

Towels for a Beach Vacation Packing List

You might feel chilly after getting out of the water, so you could want to dry quickly. The cheapest and most portable item that can serve that purpose would be a beach towel.

When buying a beach towel, you will need one with decent levels of absorbency, softness, easy washability, and quick-drying. The most available sheets would have fibres with 100% cotton. They are also advantageous because it is easy to shake off the sand.

Bug spray

An insect repellent is necessary to keep the bugs away, especially mosquitoes. You can purchase one for your skin and one for the room for maximum protection.

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Cover Up

This item is especially useful for women wanting to look stylish in cozy and comfortable clothes. Your beach cover-ups should be made of lightweight fabric and easy to slip on and off. Beach kaftans or tunics are the best options because they boast these features as well as maximum protection from sunlight.

Waterproof Phone Protector

Remember that time you went swimming but forgot your phone in your pocket? If this isn’t you, it is only a matter of time before you join the team. Nevertheless, you can prevent this from happening by bringing a waterproof phone protector.

beach packing list - waterproof phone protector

Waterproof Speaker

You might want to play your Spotify list on the beach, and having a waterproof speaker can turn it into a beach party with your friends. Make sure that it is waterproof, because who knows when people will accidentally splash water on it?

Water Bottle for Beach Vacation Hydration

Along with sunburns, dehydration is your worst enemy on a beach vacation in summer. So, you should always have a water bottle with you to drink at least two liters per day. Rather than conventional plastic bottles, buy your reusable water bottle to reduce plastic consumption.

Camera | GoPro to Capture Beach Vacation Moments

To immortalize your holiday memories, you will need a decent digital camera with at least 20X optical zoom and minimal shutter delay. If you are going on a more adventurous holiday, a GoPro action camera will be more suitable to capture footage on the move.

beach packing list - camera

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Game Accessories

What is a beach vacation without a competition? Bring on your best skills in frisbee, volleyball, soccer ball, kids toys, and fun floats.

beach packing list - frisbee

Beach Blanket

Whether you are going to a sandy beach or a pebbled one, your bum is going to want to be spoiled. Not only that, but you would also need to prevent sand from getting into your beach bag.

A soft and lightweight beach blanket can resolve both issues and provide a comfortable base for your spot on the beach.

beach vacation beach blanket

Beach Tent

A beach tent can do magic on so many occasions. Aside from protecting you and your friends from sunlight, it can also provide fresh and dry conditions for your refreshing drinks or food that might go off in the heat. Especially when you are attending a summer festival by the beach, don’t forget to pack a portable pop-up beach tent.

beach packing list - beach tent

Comfy Clothes for a Beach Vacation – Relaxed Pants

Combine style and comfort in a simple pair of relaxed pants. They will especially come in handy when you are visiting a country that is disapproving of revealing and tight clothes. You can wear these casual pants anywhere, be it the beach or a restaurant or even a nightclub!

Beach Chairs

Foldable beach chairs will complement the camp vibes you are trying to create with your beach tent. It can be quite ergonomic for your back compared to lying down all the time. 

When purchasing a beach chair, go for ones with armrests and the ability to fold at different positions so that you can adjust the inclination as you wish.


Beach Bag

There are plenty of things to take to the beach, from your wallet to sunscreen, books, towels, blankets, and snacks. Your handbag is not spacious enough for all. That’s why it would be much wiser to bring a large beach bag to contain your items in one place. 

A tote bag is the most popular among types of beach bags, as it is light and easy to carry due to its parallel handles. A waterproof pouch and inner & outer pockets would be the cherry on top.

Sun Hat

Your head needs extra protection against sunlight, as it carries your precious brain! So, you should be wearing a sun hat at all times, even in the water if possible. 

The ideal sunhat should have a tight weave, yet be breathable. Cotton and polyester are two materials that fit these criteria. Also, they are crushable, meaning you can stuff them in your beach bag when you don’t use them.

beach packing list - vacation sun hat

Sunglasses – Beach Vacation Packing List

In addition to its harmful effects on your skin, sunlight can be problematic for your eyes in the long run. The best way to protect your eyes and continue people-watching without getting exposed is to bring sunglasses. The most crucial factor to consider for sunglasses is to make sure that the shade of the glass can filter both UVA and UVB rays.

Life Jackets

Swimming is fun, but also dangerous for the inexperienced, especially kids. If you want them to conquer their fears of water without risking their lives, you could use a life jacket that will keep them afloat.

They should be easy to inflate even by a child, and you also need to make sure that they are resistant to hits (otherwise they can get fractured on the surface and cause deflation).

beach vacation life jacket


When you are traveling to a beach destination, one of the most useful components of your clothing is a pair of sandals. They are multipurpose shoes; you can wear them both at the beach and walking around the city at night. If the beach trip is a more laid-back one, consider bringing rubber flip flops with a strap at the front only.

beach packing list - vacation flip flops

If you are going to participate in physically demanding activities, you could pack an extra pair of outdoor sandals.

beach vacation outdoor sandals

Water Shoes – Beach Vacation Packing List

If the beach you are visiting is a rocky one, it is going to be painful going in the water with bare feet. You can protect your feet from cuts by wearing water shoes. The best type of water shoes is one that is light, snug fit, and one that has decent water draining so that you can swim comfortably in them.

Dry Bag

If your beach vacation involves challenging water sports, you might need more effective protection for your valuables than a beach bag. This is when a dry bag enters the game.

beach packing list - dry bag

The most useful dry bags would be made of materials that make it float in water. They should also be easy to wash and dry, as well as having an adjustable strap for your neck and shoulder hygiene.

Beach Vacation Packing List Essentials – FAQs

What type of clothes should I pack for a beach vacation?

The best type of outfit would be breezy and lightweight tank tops, t-shirts, skirts, shorts, and one or two warm clothes for nighttime.

What are fun things to take to the beach for the kids?

Baby powder for skin irritation, and lots of sand toys to inspire your child’s creativity.

What kind of snacks can I take to the beach?

Food that is rich in fiber and low in fat should be good to go. Some examples would be mixed nuts, protein bars, whole-grain crackers, hummus, and snack-size veggies like carrot and cucumber.

Summing Up Beach Packing List

It feels like the beach packing list provided here is for the Migration Period rather than a beach vacation, but the items we listed are small-sized, lightweight, and can be obtained easily. Combine these essentials with your personal preferences, and you are all set for running from boiling-hot sand into the freshwater.

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