Ultimate Mozambique Packing List: Your Mozambique Travel Checklist for 2024

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So, you finally booked your trip to Mozambique and made all the reservations. Way to go! Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on the essentials and must-haves to add to your Mozambique packing list to ensure you have the best time on this epic adventure.

Mozambique Packing List

Before you toss the towel in frustration about what to pack in your suitcase and carry-on for Mozambique, just know that we’ve got you covered in 10 minutes or less. Keep reading.

But first, here are the most epic things to do in Mozambique:

What to Pack for Mozambique

As you might have guessed, what to wear for Mozambique depends on the weather. The dry season is between April and September, while the wet season is between October and March.

Nevertheless, the weather in Mozambique is mostly hot throughout the year. Considering the subtropical climate, your Mozambique packing list should ideally include the following:


  • Shirt/Blouse: Pack lightweight, loose-fitting clothes that you can wear and take off easily at the beach. Bring crop tops and shorts for the evenings. Linen, silk, and cotton are the fabrics that both keep you cool and are easy to wash. Insects are attracted to dark colors, so bring clean clothes with neutral pastel colors. Bring long-sleeved shirts and long pants for the evenings and walking safari tours at the national parks. This is essential for protection from insects
  • Hiking Shoes: We highly recommend comfortable hiking boots for bush walks, as these can be strenuous walks like any other safari during a trip to Africa.
  • Shoes: Comfortable footwear is a must, especially while walking on the cobbled streets of destinations like Maputo and Pemba. Sandals and flip-flops are ideal for both beach walks and evenings. Also, don’t forget your diving shoes if you are thinking of snorkeling or scuba diving.
  • Umbrella: This is a must if you are visiting during the rainy season since rain can be unpredictable.

Tech & Gear

  • Camera: The type of camera you should bring depends on the type of activities you want to do. For snorkeling and diving (or any other beach-related attraction for that matter), bringing a waterproof camera is a very good idea. Go-pro can also be useful for action-packed water sports and trips to national parks.
  • Memory cards for lots of photos.
  • Power Adapter: The power plugs and sockets are of type C, F, and M with 220 V voltage and 50 Hz frequency.
  • Portable Charger: A portable charger (power bank) can be extremely useful if you are part of outdoor activity and far away from plug points.
  • Binoculars can be needed for safari adventures to take a closer look at animals.
  • Small Backpack: This is easier to carry around compared to a normal-sized backpack.
  • Travel Pillow: Take a small and portable pillow to prevent a stiff neck during strenuous bus rides.
  • Small Locks: Locking the zips of your backpack can prevent possible petty theft in big cities.


  • Sun Screen: Mozambique can be quite hot even in winter, not to mention the sunny days during the dry season. You must put sunscreen before going out on a sunny day.
  • Mosquito Repellent: Bring insect repellant that has high DEET content.
  • Quick-dry Towel: This might be useful for when you are sweating or when you are at a restaurant where the toilets are not in good condition.

Documents & Details

  • Passport: You should have a passport that is valid for 6 months after the end of your trip.
  • Travel Insurance: Travel insurance that covers the duration of your trip is required.
  • Drivers License: If you are driving into Mozambique, you need to have your driver’s license as well as your vehicle registration papers to get the Mozambican visa.
  • Car Insurance: A letter from your insurance company regarding the insurance of the car is a must.


  • First-Aid Kit: The first thing your first-aid kit should include is a water bottle with filtration. 
  • Dramamine helps to relieve the symptoms of motion sickness and nausea.
  • Anti-Diarrheal: Remember to bring medication for the digestive system. If you are not familiar with spicy food or water, your stomach might get upset. Also, bring medication that will regulate the water and minerals in your blood.
  • Anti-Malaria Pills: Mozambique is unfortunately in a high-risk-malaria zone, so you need to include anti-malarial pills when you are preparing your packing list. There are options at varying prices. The rule of thumb is, the cheaper the pills are the more severe the side effects become.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer is often required as your hands can easily attract bacteria while you are out.
  • Vitamins: Don’t forget your vitamins, they will be important for your immune system.
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Other Commonly-forgotten Items for a Trip to Mozambique

Reusable cloth bag
Travel pillow
Kindle cover
Headphone splitter
Lip balm
Aloe Vera
Contact lens solution
Steripod toothbrush cover
Mini hairbrush

Loofah glove
Feminine products
Toiletry bag
Lightweight scarf
Bathing Suits
Swimsuit cover-up
Light jacket
Packing cubes

What Do People Wear in Mozambique

Maputo, Mozambique

Women in Mozambique

Women usually dress up with a skirt or loose-fitted trousers to keep the lower body cool. They usually cover their upper body with a pashmina or sarong with traditional Mozambican patterns. The look can be completed with simple and locally-crafted jewelry. Swimwear is commonly seen at the beaches.

Men in Mozambique

Many men wear shorts and sandals under loose shirts or polos. They prefer bright colored materials. Madda Fella is a highly-preferred clothing brand among the Mozambican men.

Planning a trip to Mozambique? Read our Mozambique Travel Guide. It has everything you need to know before you visit Mozambique.

What NOT to Bring to Mozambique

The following items are prohibited at all times:

  • Firearms, explosives, or fireworks
  • Animals, hides, skins, animal products, and animal parts
  • Gold, silver, platinum in coins, bars or ingots
  • You must apply for a plant permit to import plants into the country. Read the Government of Mozambique website for more details

 Import allowances-not to be exceeded:

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  • MTS 5000 per person for duty-free
  • 1 L of spirits or 2.25 L of wine per person
  • 200 Cigarettes

  Beer is not allowed for import

Mozambique Packing List: Packing Tips and Safety Advice

  • Bring a smaller and foldable bag that you can carry around for beach days and contain your outdoor essentials.
  • Use packing cubes to minimize the volume of your clothes in your bag.
  • You should consider bringing a guide book with you, as it’s difficult to find tourist information centers outside Maputo, especially in Northern Mozambique.
  • Have enough cash on you to fill petrol if you are self-driving. Fuel stations may not accept credit cards in Mozambique.
  • Tap water in Mozambique is extremely polluted, so you shouldn’t even brush your teeth let alone drinking it.

Checklist for Mozambique Trip

To save you some time planning, we have attached a checklist for your Mozambique trip. Be sure to download the packing list.

Download the Essential Checklist for Your Mozambique Trip

Wrapping up the Mozambique Packing List

Traveling to Mozambique is no different than a trip to any other African country when it comes to packing, although there is no denying that packing clothes for Mozambique is fairly easy. To maximize your packing space, you might find the above video helpful.

With this Mozambique packing list, Mozambique travel guide, city guide to Beira, Bazaruto Archipelago, and Gorongosa National Park, you will know exactly what your packing list for Mozambique should look like to ensure you embark on a memorable journey to this beautiful African country.

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