Pemba, Mozambique: Ultimate City Guide & Safety Tips for Pemba Travel

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If you thought Mozambique is only about seafood, beaches, and laid-back beach life, you are wrong. Pemba, Mozambique is a powerhouse of cosmopolitan and traditional characteristics as they bloom with history and culture.

In this Pemba city guide, you will discover essential information about the three major cities in Mozambique.

Pemba Travel Guide
Image by Meraj Chhaya is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Why Go To Pemba (Overview)

Pemba is the capital of the Cabo Delgado Province located in the northern region of Mozambique. It was founded by the Niassa Company in 1904 and subsequently became a central port city in East Africa.

It is no surprise that Pemba is a cultural treasure and powerhouse thanks to the diversity of ethnic groups living here. There are many people of Swahili, Makonde, Macuas, and Mwanis descent whose traditions live on.

Although Pemba is a lesser-known Mozambican destination, its beaches and coral reefs are nothing short of Tofo and Vilankulo when it comes to diving.

Where is Pemba Located?

Here’s a map showing where Pemba is located in the vast country of Mozambique.

[su_gmap address=”pemba, mozambique” zoom=”6″]

When to Visit Pemba, Mozambique

Pemba’s climate is considered a tropical savanna climate with little temperature gaps between winter and summer. The warmest month is January with average temperatures hovering at 34.5ºC (94.1ºF), while the lowest temperature is recorded in August with average temperatures around 16.5ºC (61.7ºF).

Like the rest of the country, the rainy season falls between December and April. The dry season between May and September is the best time to visit for activities such as water sports.

The Best of Pemba Mozambique 

Best Places to Stay in Pemba

#1 Avani Pemba Beach Hotel (more details)
#2 The Nautilus Hotel (more details)
#3 Raphael’s Hotel (more details)
#4 Pemba Beach Lodge nZuwa lodge (more details)
#5 nZuwa lodge (more details)
#6 Nautilus Hotel Pemba Mozambique (more details)

Pemba Mozambique
“Pemba, Mozambique” by Kaysha is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
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Best Things to Do in Pemba Mozambique

#1 Go diving in Pemba Mozambique

Pemba has over 400 km of coastline boasting unspoiled coral reefs away from the tourist crowd. You can sign up at any diving school to get lessons from experienced divers and even a certificate at the end!

Your first choice should be the Gap reef that offers not only diving opportunities but excellent beaches and a chance to see big game fish. The Gap reef is suitable for advanced divers. For first time divers, The Playground is an excellent option with shallow dive of up to 12 meters (39 feet).

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#2 Go shopping at local markets

Pemba’s local markets, called souks, are full of authentic crafts. Silverware and silver crafts are especially in high demand.

#3 Visit the Quirimbas Islands

The Quirimbas archipelago consists of 32 islands stretching all the way up to mainland Tanzania. The world-class diving sites of Mozambique are also located here. The northernmost islands are part of the Zanzibar Archipelago. 

The area has a fascinating history of trade wars between the Arab merchants and the Portuguese. For an experience of a lifetime, a dhow safari is something you can enjoy in Pemba. The calm waters in Mozambique make it perfect to sail to Ibo Island.

#4 Wimbe Beach

For a relaxing time in Mozambique, the Wimbe beach is the place to go. You will enjoy soaking in the sun on the white sandy beaches and the views of where the horizon meets the clear blue waters.

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Best Things to See in Pemba

#1 Slave Trade Fort

The historic old town of Pemba is full of Portuguese heritage, but the most striking one is the Slave Trade Fort at Ponta Romero Lighthouse. This is where thousands of slaves were auctioned and sold to merchants and masters.

#2 Quirimbas National Park

While you are in the Quirimbas Islands, you must visit the Quirimbas National Park that is home to the wildest of the Mozambican wildlife. Thanks to the conservation projects, the park’s flora and fauna are well-preserved. Surrounded by mangroves, clove trees, coral reefs, beaches, and savannah, you can spot the indigenous animals, including lions, leopards, elephants, crocodiles, and wild dogs.

#3 Baobab Trees at Nacole Baobab

The rare baobab trees of Southern Africa can be found at this small nature reserve near Pemba Dive & Bush Camp-Resort. There is an extensive birdlife, not to mention the Large Split Face bats hanging above the trees.

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Best Things to Buy in Pemba

#1 Wooden Arts and Crafts
#2 Artworks made with coconut fiber
#3 Traditional stoves and pots

Best Places to Eat in Pemba

#1 Kauri Resort
#2 Mar e Sol
#3 Pemba Dolphin

Typical Costs for a Trip to Pemba Mozambique

Campsites: 5-15 USD per person per night
Hostels and Guesthouses: 15-25 USD per person per night.
Double room in a standard hotel: 50-100 USD

Local meals: 2-5 USD
Restaurant meals: 5-10 USD

A taxi ride for 15 km: 7 USD
Public buses: 1-1.5 USD
Car rental: 100 USD per day

Safari Packages into Mozambique: 250 USD


Plan Your Trip to Mozambique

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5 Best Places to Visit in Mozambique

Money-Saving Tips in Pemba Mozambique

  • Vendors at the local markets might inflate the prices of merchandise. With great negotiation skills, you might easily get an item up to 60% off the initial asking price.
  • If you arrive by plane, try to book hotels with free airport shuttle services.
  • Have a credit card that does not charge any service fees for point-of-sale transactions.

Staying Safe and Healthy in Pemba

Mozambique is unfortunately in a high-risk-malaria zone, so you need to include anti-malarial pills when you are preparing your packing list. Be sure to consult with your health care provider and get the necessary prophylactic medications.

As a general rule of thumb, you should only drink bottled water and drinks from trusted brands with proper packaging. In January 2015, a mass poisoning occurred due to contaminated beer, causing the death of over 67 people.

Mozambique is a relatively safe country, but remember to be aware and cognizant of your surroundings. Maputo is more touristy, so petty theft is more likely to happen. It is best to keep your valuations at home, avoid walking alone at night and practice due diligence.

Roadtrip from Johannesburg to Pemba, crossing Maputo, Maxixe, Inchope, Nampula, Mocuba, and also visiting Ilha de Mocambique and Chocas
Image by Meraj Chhaya is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Getting In and Around Pemba

Pemba has an international airport that has regular international flights from South Africa’s Johannesburg, Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam and Kenya’s Nairobi. Domestic flights are also available from Maputo, Pemba, and Nampula.

The road between Dar es Salaam and Pemba is partly tarred, while the one from Nampula is fully tarred. Public buses within the city usually depart as regular as every five minutes.


Mozambique is a country with vast territories. In order to maximize your trip and experience in this coastal country, you should endeavor to visit as many cities as possible. And if time permits, a visit to neighboring Zimbabwe, Eswatini, and Tanzania should be considered.

For other outstanding ideas on other cities to visit while you are in the area, read our post on Maputo and Beira is worth checking out. The entire coastline of Mozambique is a mystery that is waiting to be discovered by you.

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Whether you know it or not - Pemba, Mozambique has a lot to offer. Unspoiled, undeveloped, and untamed, Pemba is fast-emerging on the international tourism circuit with its wild beauty and exotic influences. With its long, dune-fringe beaches, it has a lot to offer for anyone visiting the country. Learn how you can maximize your time on your trip. #mozambique #africa #africatravel #africadestinations #travelguide #nationalparks #safari #southafrica
Mozambique is a country with perhaps the most stunning and most unique beaches in Africa and it is well worth the effort. You will explore Pemba Mozambique and we will share the best thing to do, see, and experience as you plan your trip along with some travel tips. #mozambique #africa #africatravel #africadestinations #travelguide #nationalparks #safari #southafrica
Looking for what to do in Mozambique? Check out our Mozambique travel guide about Pemba and start planning your own trip right now. You will learn about the best things to do, see, experience, and the best places to stay. You will have all the information to plan a trip to have the most memorable experience. #mozambique #africa #africatravel #africadestinations #travelguide #nationalparks #safari #southafrica
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