Here is a brief history to get you excited about our Mozambique travel guide.

Mozambique has traces of many civilizations that lived and ruled here. The Bantu tribes first inhabited it after the great Bantu migration. Even before the arrival of the Portuguese, it was a trade center between other African countries.

The arrival of Vasco de Gama in 1498 started a massive Portuguese settlement that lasted for four centuries until the country gained independence from Portugal in 1975.

However, the first multiparty elections weren’t held until 1994 due to a devastating civil war.

Ever since the first elected president, Mozambique demonstrated significant economic growth owing to its abundant natural resources, with the dominance of agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing to some extent.

The discovery of a gas field with 4200 billion cubic meters of natural gas in Mamba made the country a potential candidate for producing liquefied natural gas.

Mozambique Travel Guide: Things to Do, Places to Stay, Culture, and Travel Tips
Capital: Maputo
Official language: Portuguese
President: Filipe Jacinto Nyusi
Currencies: Mozambican metical
Points of Interest: Bazaruto Archipelago, Quirimbas Islands, and more
Average Flight Time: 24 h 45 min flight
Fun Fact: The Island of Mozambique, just off Northern Mozambique, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Why Visit Mozambique
With the turquoise beaches and abundant marine life, Mozambique is already the number one choice of tourists from South Africa and overseas.

Whether you are at the vibrant capital city of Maputo or chilling on a hammock in the coastal town of Tofo, you are guaranteed to be mesmerized. Besides the lovely coastline, the country offers spectacular wildlife that is often underestimated.

In this travel guide, we aim to give you a quick yet comprehensive review of everything you need to know about this beautiful country.

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