andBeyond Benguerra Island Mozambique: A First Look at Luxury

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Emerging right by the deep Mozambique Channel, Benguerra Island, the second largest island in Bazaruto Archipelago, offers some of the most thrilling underwater activities such as catch and release deep-sea fishing and unspoiled diving sites. 

andBeyond Benguerra Island resort
Source: andBeyond

These activities are not only limited to underwater, though; there are massive dunes, horses, rare species of the wildlife, and endless pristine beaches.

Accommodations in Benguerra Island

andBeyond Benguerra Island

This super-luxurious holiday island resort offers an idyllic vacation while arranging all the exciting activities for its guests, such as traditional dhow cruises.

andBeyond Benguerra Island resort
Source: andBeyond

Benguerra Island Lodge

The Benguerra lodge is set in an acacia forest by the Indian ocean. Its beachfront villas and chalets make it an excellent romantic destination while spicing things up with numerous water sports.

Azura Benguerra Island

This lovely resort is the first of its kind in Mozambique as an eco-friendly resort, built by the local community. The hotel has won the 2017 World Luxury Hotel Awards, which emphasizes the level of luxury and comfort.

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Top 5 Activities in Benguerra Island

Scuba Diving

Like all the other islands in Mozambique, Benguerra and scuba diving are two inseparable phrases. Inside the deep and dark Mozambique Channel, you will find some of the most colorful coral reefs, game fish and protected marine creatures of all sizes. 

Whether you want to see the large animals like whale sharks, manta rays, humpback whales, stingrays, and reef sharks or small animals like reef fishes and anemones, you will not be disappointed.

Azura Benguerra has a distinguished diving center called PADI 5 Star Dive Center with theory and practice courses for diving.

Horseback Riding

You may think that safari can only be done only on foot or via a 4×4, but you will be wrong. Benguerra brings the term horse safari into our dictionaries. 

Horseback riding in Benguerra Island

Organized by the tour company called Mozambique Horse Safaris, nine horses are ready to guide throughout the island’s stunning trails. You can even swim with the horses after the ride! The hotels and resorts in Benguerra can arrange bookings for the horse safari.

Watch Soccer Tournaments

What are the odds of a person having a strong passion for soccer on a small and secluded island? Benguerra’s youth has a growing interest in soccer, and the local community is helping them to embrace it. 

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If you are in Benguerra on a Sunday, you must attend the soccer tournaments between the island’s local teams. This experience will help you to know the local life more closely while engaging with the friendly people of Benguerra. 

If you are a soccer fanatic and would love playing in a soccer tournament, you can even join and be one of the players on one of the games!

Helicopter Rides

Helicopter sightseeing is always exciting wherever you go; however, flying over one of the magnificent Bazaruto Islands triples the excitement levels. 

The helicopter rides organized by andBeyond Resorts will give you a whole new perspective of the island when you see the turquoise and golden fuse into each other. Looking down at dunes, crystal clear beaches, and perhaps some large whales along the way, you will never want to descend back into reality.

Island Expeditions

The most convenient way of exploring the island is via a guided drive. Island expedition tours can fit a range of activities into one day. You will find yourself wandering through the narrow cobbled streets while chatting to the friendly natives. 

Next thing you know, you are only a few meters away from the freshwater crocodiles or endangered antelope species. End the day climbing the famous Red Dune that overlooks the rest of the island with rewarding sunset views.

Tips for Visiting Benguerra Island

Don’t forget to join Island Hopping tours done by speedboats. These boats will take you to the smaller islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago that you may not have time to visit otherwise.

Azura Benguerra organizes daily tours to Paradise Island in the far north. You can even visit the ruins of a historic hotel from the Portuguese Mozambican era.

With an additional cost, you can have a private dinner right by the waves swashing onto your feet. This romantic experience is a perfect activity for couples who want to spend some quality time together and reflect on their adventures.


Benguerra Island is an outstanding place to visit where you get a blend of outdoor activities and relaxation. From a wide range of activities and unforgettable activities, you will create unique memories that will last a lifetime.

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