The Best of Beira Mozambique: Planning Tips and Resources for Your Next Trip

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Mozambique’s cities display both cosmopolitan and traditional characteristics as they bloom with history and culture. In this Beira city guide, we will give you essential information about this top destination in Mozambique

Map of Beira, Mozambique

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Understand Beira, Mozambique

Beira is the capital of Sofala Province in Central Mozambique and a significant port city ever since the Portuguese colonized it. It serves as a gateway into the other Southern African countries like today’s Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi.

The port was developed by the Portuguese Mozambique Company that controlled the trade routes around the region. Today, it is the second-largest seaport after Maputo. 

Why Go To Beira Mozambique

With a Mediterranean-like architecture, and numerous churches and temples, the city of Beira is very much like an open-air museum. Also, you will be surprised by how fun it can get at night.

Beira Mozambique Travel Guide

When to Visit Beira, Mozambique

Beira is in the tropical savanna climate zone with a rainy season from November to April. We recommend that you visit outside the rainy season. July is the coldest month, yet warm enough to enjoy the many tourist attractions (21 degrees Celsius).

Best Places to Stay in Beira 

#1 Jardim Das Velas
#2 Hotel Sena
#3 Golden Peacock Resort Hotel

Best Things to Do in Beira

#1 Visit the Beira Harbor

The historic Beira Port is the heart of the city during the day and at night. You can hop between many local stores and seafood restaurants or gaze at the neon city lights after dark.

#2 Visit the Old Town

The old city of Beira is full of photogenic houses with a distinct Mediterranean architecture. Like the Harbour, the old town is also home to many local craft stores for you to buy a lot of souvenirs.

#3 Look at Mozambican Art

As the center of art in Mozambique, Beira has numerous museums and galleries. The most popular location for art-lovers is Casa Dos Bicos that hosts exhibitions of Portuguese architecture and African art.

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Best Things to See in Beira 

#1 Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral

With its stones imported from Portugal in the early 1900s, the cathedral in Beira is a clear example of colonial architecture.

#2 The Ruins of Fort San Gaetano

The Fort San Gaetano Ruins was built in the early 16th century. It is one of the oldest European-made structures in entire Southern Africa 

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#3 Macuti Beach

Macuti Beach is one of the most popular locations in the city because of the unique combination of the historic lighthouse from the early 1900s and a shipwreck that ran aground in 1985. At low tide, the Indian Ocean recedes entirely away from the wreck, creating even a quirkier view.

Beira Mozambique Travel Guide
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Best Things to Buy in Beira

#1 Clothes with Mozambican Patterns
#2 Makonde Masks that are replicas of the ones used in ceremonies
#3 Makonde sculptures

Best Places to Eat in Beira Mozambique

#1 Tuga’s
#2 Restaurante Kanimambo
#3 Restaurante Do Chefe Anselmo

Typical Costs for a Trip to Beira Mozambique


  • Standard double room: 60-100 USD per night
  • Guesthouses: 30-40 USD per night for two people
  • Dorm Bed: 10 USD per person


  • Single tuk-tuk ride in the city: 1-2 USD
  • Cab ride: 8-10 USD


  • Local meals: 5-6 USD
  • A meal in a standard or fancy restaurant: 10-15 USD
  • Beer: 2 USD
  • Fruits: 0.006 USD each


  • 50 USD for a single-entry visa on arrival
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Stay Safe, Healthy and Money-Saving Tips Beira 

The city was devastated after Cyclone Idai made landfall on March 14 that damaged or destroyed the largest city in Mozambique.

Follow the emergency response warnings for potential storms, rising sea, and heavy rains to reduce your disaster risk on your trip. 

Mozambique is in a high-risk-malaria zone, so you need to have anti-malarial pills as you prepare your packing list. There are different types of medicines, but the cheaper the pills are, the more severe the side effects become. For additional vaccination, you should consider reading the CDC website before your trip.

Mozambique is generally in most parts of the country compared to other African nations; however, you should still be street alert when walking on the streets.

As for staying healthy, avoid eating food sold on the street and only buy drinking water from trusted brands.

You can use your bargaining skills around tourist areas and negotiate for prices. However, local stalls and stores will have stable prices.


Getting In and Around Beira, Mozambique

You can fly to Beira from Maputo, Pemba, Nampula, and other cities, as wells as Johannesburg via LAM and SA Airlink. Bus companies travel to Beira from Maputo, Chimoio, Quelimane, and Vilankulo. Within the city, the main methods of transportation is a taxi, chapa, and rental car. 

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Beira, Mozambique, is an exciting destination to visit in Africa. As you plan your trip, let our website be your go-to resource. We have several Mozambique city guides – Pemba, Maputo, Bazaruto Archipelago, Benguerra Island, and the Quirimbas IslandsGorongosa National Park, and Mozambique Packing List to save you time during pre-planning.

You can also check out our Packing List, African National Parks, and Travel Guide pages for the best information for any Africa Travel vacation. 

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