Eswatini Packing List: What to Pack for Swaziland (What NOT to Bring)

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The Kingdom of eSwatini is naturally attractive and is amongst one of the best destinations to travel to in Africa due to its impressive landscapes and scenery. However, a resounding question we see is, “what to pack for Swaziland?”

Eswatini Festival

This comprehensive (Swaziland) Eswatini packing list hopes to answer that question for you. Swaziland is truly a great choice for a vacation destination for the African wanderlust looking to enjoy the bountiful wildlife at African national parks, as well as, the wondrous safaris.

There is a never-ending supply of outdoor activities to engage in including spectacular game drives, hiking, horse riding and many more. Not only is the Kingdom of Eswatini amongst the most peaceful countries in Africa, but it also has very low crime rates in Africa. But first, let’s answer what to pack for Swaziland!

Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland) Packing List

Understanding the weather climate in Eswatini will help you narrow down what to consider in your Eswatini packing list. The Kingdom of Eswatini is tropical with two major seasons – winter and summer.

For those coming from the Northern hemisphere (the US and Canada), it is important to note that seasons are reversed. Swaziland’s winter season runs mid-April to mid-October. In the winter, you can expect to have a wet winter with light rain.

Although the summer is dry with rains, it tends to be heavier than that of the winter so be sure to plan accordingly. Now, let’s jump right in on the most important items you need to bring on your trip to Lobamba or Mbabane. 


  • Shirt/Blouse: Pack a long-sleeved light blouse or shirt as mosquitoes are rife in the spring/summer season. For winter, make sure that you have warmer clothes as it gets cold and dry. 
  • Hiking shoes: Pack hiking shoes with a strong and solid base to keep your feet protected and comfortable to trudge the rocky mountain hills. Purchase waterproof shoes on Amazon for both men and women.
  • Shoes: In the summer, sandals are usually a good idea as the temperature is fairly warm requiring the feet to receive much ventilation as much as possible.
  • Sunglasses: You do not have to brave the striking sun eye-bare. Cover your eyes with the Duco Classic sunglasses with a sporty feel for men. For ladies, the Joopin Polarized sunglasses will get your view dimmed in the shiny sun.

Tech & Gear

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  • Camera: When you go hiking, you need to capture the best scenery and you can achieve that with a portable Panasonic camera.
  • Headphones: Wireless Bluetooth headphones are a wise choice as your movement will not be restricted by cords.
  • Power Adapter: You need a Type M power adapter for Eswatini as it is the one that is widely used in Eswatini and a must-have.
  • Portable Charger: Your phone does not have to run out of power because you are outdoors. Find a reliable portable charger that is compatible with most mobile phone types as you are bound to be outdoors more.
  • Binoculars: Eswatini has a spectacular of birds amongst the great things you are going to witness, the Baufut 12×42 Binoculars gives you the best views which can only be captured by the eye.
  • Memory Card: Since there are many memories to capture, the 512GB Memory Card comes with more than enough storage.
  • Backpack: A small Zomake backpack is resourceful and best for hiking. You can simply pack your water bottle, hand-towel and other items you will need on the road.
  • A Kindle Hand Strap: This is necessary to hold your e-reader tight and prevent it from falling.


  • Sun Screen: A sunscreen with an SPF 30 and above will come in handy particularly in the summer as it gets sunny and warm in Eswatini during summer. 
  • Mosquito Repellent: This is a must-have as the malaria-causing mosquitoes are rife in most areas. A variety of organic and skin-friendly mosquito repellents can be found on Amazon for your convenience.
  • Hand Sanitizer: A hygienic hand sanitizer always comes in handy particularly in the wild where your hands may come into contact with a lot of things and water not easily accessible. OR when you are out in the wild or doing outdoor activities there will not be a bathroom around to wash your hands. A hygienic hand sanitizer always comes in handy.

Documents & Details

  • Passport: You need a passport and visa to gain entry into the Kingdom of Eswatini unless you are staying for 30 days or less, however, the visa is compulsory for certain countries. Most travelers get into Swaziland through South Africa meaning that you should familiarise yourself with South African Entry laws.
  • Travel Insurance: It is advisable to obtain travel insurance, there are many instances where your flight can be delayed or there may be natural disasters. The neighboring country Mozambique has occasional cyclones that affect the part of Swaziland which you need to note.
  • Passport Holder: It is advisable to note that your passport must be accompanied by a visa if you come from the countries that require you to have a visa to enter the Kingdom of Eswatini. Find a list of these countries which are required to have a visa here. Malaria is rife, ensure that you obtain a yellow-fever certificate before your visit.


  • First-Aid Kit: It is advisable to have a First-Aid kit with you when you travel to a country such as Eswatini as there are numerous activities you are going to have an interest in carrying out.
    Activities that are popular include hiking, snorkeling, horse riding and more which involve a risk of getting injured. You may buy a complete First-Aid kit to be on the safe side.
  • Anti-Malaria Meds: do not leave home without this as mosquito-causing Malaria is rife in most parts of Swaziland particularly the Hhohho and Mubombo districts.
what to pack for swaziland
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Other Commonly-forgotten Items for a Trip to Eswatini (Swaziland)

Reusable cloth bag
Quick-dry towel
Travel sheet
Travel pillow
Kindle cover
Headphone splitter
Lip balm
Aloe Vera
Contact lens solution
Mini hairbrush

Feminine products
Toiletry bag
Rain Coat
Small lock
Lightweight scarf
Swimsuit cover-up
Light jacket
Luggage/Packing cubes

A Way to Make Your Eswatini (Swaziland) Trip Meaningful

We know this is a post on what to pack for Swaziland. However, we felt we needed to add this section to the post.

Eswatini is one of the poor countries in the Southern African region with a low GDP, so on your next visit, you may bring a valuable contribution to the Kingdom by donating anything you are able to, including your time.

For example, you may make a contribution through the Peace Corp program to help local leaders with challenges that locals of a country may be facing.

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Lookup for the Peace Corp Swaziland Program online to find out how you may join it to be part of Peace Corps volunteers. Through this program, you will learn a great deal about the actual life of Eswatini first-hand and also learn how the views of the US government are implemented through this program.

Please know that the views of the content on this website do not necessarily reflect those of the Peace Corps we felt compelled to share this information with our readers.

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What Do People Wear in Eswatini

Women in Eswatini

Swaziland women
South-Africa & Swaziland” by Bart is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Women in Eswatini normally wear a conservative style or manner. Because of the respect for traditional norms, you may find that they are usually covered to avoid revealing too much skin.

Men in Eswatini

Men normally wear long pants and normal sleeved shirt. There are very few men who wear shorts and revealing shirts as it is not their style of dressing in their culture. When you wear shorts, they must at least be at the knee level.

What NOT to Bring to Eswatini (Swaziland)

  • Dairy products, fruits, and vegetables are not allowed through the border. You may bring a limited amount for self-catering at the value of 1000 South African Rands and this is normally food for cooking dinner with upon arrival if you are going to stay at a self-catering facility.
  • Do not bring foreign cash money which is from $10 000 and above.
  •  Animals such as dogs and cats are not allowed as they require quarantine while Eswatini does not offer quarantine. Plants such as fruits and vegetables are restricted in the country.

What to Pack for Swaziland: Packing Tips

  • Tip #1 You may also pack waterproof clothes as Eswatini is tropical.
  • Tip #2 Pack a detailed map of the country as certain areas may have a lack of internet access to browse.
  • Tip #3 Enough prescribed medication packed to last you for the trip since you may not have the exact type in the country. Also, take with your anti-malaria medication.
  • Tip #4 Leave space in your suitcase for items that you will buy in Eswatini. there are beautifully handmade crafts and textiles that you would love to bring back home.


There you have it! Everything you need to make your trip to Swaziland feel like a dream. If you have any questions about what to pack for Swaziland, do not hesitate to reach out.

This is your complete packing list to the Kingdom of Eswatini! Whatever you decide to pack ensure that it is not restricted at the border.

Eswatini is a laid-back country and a home to friendly people who are always ready to help you to get around whenever possible, however, use your discretion.

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Swaziland Packing List
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What to pack for Swaziland
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