Packing List

Are you packing for a trip to Africa, North America, South America, Europe, or Asia? Then you are in the right place. The unique thing about a packing list is it is mostly universal, especially if you are traveling to a region with a similar climate.

To make packing for your trip less stressful, we have provided several packing list posts to get you started.

For those traveling to multiple countries with similar climates or cultures, you’ll find these packing lists helpful as the guides are not targeted towards one single country. You will find our general packing guides such as a vacation, cruise, beach, and safari packing checklists will come in handy.

And country specific’s such as a south Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Uganda packing list, and what to pack to Kenya…As you might already know, Africa is a vast continent. Depending on where you intend to visit and what you plan to do, your packing list can include just about anything.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are many items you can buy in the country you are visiting, often at lower prices than in the United States or your home country.

It is a good idea that you research the country you are visiting well ahead of time. As it may make sense to purchase some items at your African destination, especially if you are staying for an extended time in one of the major cities or more developed towns.

These posts will provide you with the best resources and tips for any trip. Are you going to the wilderness, rainforest expeditions, high-desert trekking, or a big-five country? Each of these activities requires packing essentials that are useful for your trip.

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